A Cotswold Weekend

So for a break I took myself off to a little corner of the Cotswolds for a few days, staying just outside of Bourton-on-the-water. My cottage for the week consisted of a converted barn next to an old mill. Down a long ‘private’ road before turning onto a long white gravel road. Lined with planted […]

Bathing Beauties

Hello loafers, it’s been a while. I wish I could say I’ve been busy, but mostly I’ve just been loafing around. And what better way to loaf around than in your vintage swimming costumes. These 1920’s babes have got a whole harlequin/circus theme going on. It’s awesome, I wish it was in colour. Although if […]

Tiny Little Stuff

For some reason, teeny tiny little things appeal to me. Maybe its a throwback to dolls houses, or lego? But I’m not the only one. There are lots of artists working with teeny tiny figures, lurking in our giant sized world. As usual, none of these pictures are mine. I’ve culled them from various places […]

We’re all going on a summer holiday…

Well it’s that holiday time of year again, and Ladyloafer has booked a trip down memory lane. As a child my family holidays involved camping in a huge 1970’s style orange frame tent, or sometimes we’d stay in a static caravan park. It’s worth noting before we go any further that, thankfully for all involved, […]

Bizarre Beasts

So you know how it is, one minute you’re googling around watching kitten videos and suddenly you’re in the weird section of the internet, involving things you never knew existed, like mermaid erotica for instance. Yes that is a thing, and no I didn’t click on it! And it seems that the ‘weird section’ existed […]

Flashback Friday

When Ladyloafer was a little girl, comics were all the rage. Not superheroes like Spiderman or ‘boys’ comics like the Beano, but comics for girls like Tammy, Mandy, Nikki and so on. Over the years they merged with each other before disappearing into nowhere around the turn of the century (that’s 15 years ago!!! How […]

Old Romantics

So apparently it’s Valentines Day tomorrow. Saint Valentines Day even, although according to wiki St Valentine is barely recognised by the Catholic church as a Saint and most of the legends are medieval made-uppery. Not that LadyLoafer cares, for I have a heart of stone. Pure granite where all the mushy romance stuff is concerned […]

Travel the World

Ladyloafer has always wanted to travel but frankly I’m too lazy. Also it’s not like it used to be right? All security checks and cattle class travel. Ladyloafer dreams of the days of glorious travel, when ladies wore gloves and waving your passport in the air exclaiming ‘I’m British, let me through’ would’ve worked! So […]

Retro Food

It’s that time of year when Ladyloafer thinks about dieting. Actually Ladyloafer thinks about dieting most of the time, but then reaches for a biscuit. So how about some mid-century (that’ll be last century) classics to get us through the winter? Be warned, there’s a lot of gelatine involved. We’ll start with the basics; lime […]

Vintage Winter

Ladyloafer loves a bit of vintage. And as WinterFest continues it’s time for the ski season (at least it would be if I was cool. Still a loafer can dream.) So how about some Vintage Skiwear? From 1900, his n hers. 1906 chic 1908 it’s all about the accessories. In this case, a horse! 1935 […]