We’re all going on a summer holiday…

Well it’s that holiday time of year again, and Ladyloafer has booked a trip down memory lane.


As a child my family holidays involved camping in a huge 1970’s style orange frame tent, or sometimes we’d stay in a static caravan park.

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It’s worth noting before we go any further that, thankfully for all involved, none of my families olde worlde pictures are online, so none of these pictures are mine. Those kids aren’t me and my family, but they could be! In fact despite this disclaimer, I’m not entirely sure that orange tent and princess car combo, isn’t actually us!

So anyway, the most fun stuff on these campsites was maybe one of these bad boys


or perhaps this death-trap-waiting-to-happen


At a caravan park you might get the most awesome pool in the world


A couple of times we stayed in chalet parks. Such luxury!


Although I can’t recall anything as grim as that postcard. More like


Although one time we went to Butlins. Butlins! It had a monorail!


Wow! And a decent pool.


“Our true intent is all for your delight”.

That’s just beautiful. *wipes emotional tear from eyes*

(and yes I’m not entirely sure those 2 venues are the same. Artistic licence, for your delight)

We didn’t always go to Wales. Sometimes we’d go to Bournemouth, or Devon.

There was a slimmer chance of sunshine there. Not Wales bashing, just my childhood memory. A week in August = raining.

Yep, nothing is as much fun as sharing a caravan with your family, in the pissing rain, playing snakes and ladders, and with the TV only able to pick up 2 channels if you can line up the portable aerial right, and worse knowing you were missing the final episode of your favourite TV programme, and your dad wouldn’t let you set the video while you were away because everything at home must be unplugged.

Sorry, having a flashback there. #notbitter

Where was I? Ah yes, Wales in the rain.


Sitting on Tenby beach (the one with the sewage pipe, not the giant rock) the wind howling around the 3 sided wind break. In my cossie, but freezing bloody cold and wrapped in two towels.

Yep, fond memories.


Once the sun was out, it was time to expose your pasty english skin to the UV. Sunblock? Ha, back then it was all about the tanning oil…which was just great for getting sand stuck all over you while burying your little sister in the sand.

And after that hard work you might want to get an ice cream. Back then, unless there was some fancy-pants local brand (Dragon Cones or something. Who knows maybe this is an actual thing?), there was two makes of ice cream.


Walls did 10p Sparkles, Mini milks and Strawberry splits


and Lyons Maid did Zooms, Fabs and those square slabs of vanilla ice cream your put into a square cone.

And of course if Mum was feeling really generous, 99 flakes from the ice cream van.

After your Fab you might fancy spending your holiday money (basically an advance on pocket-money) on some seaside keepsakes.


These were brilliant if you were feeling rich.

But not as good as

eb77c57f6eacb2b5087de1c04509afbc images (1)

Once into my teens I so desperately wanted our family holiday to line up with the ultimate seaside experience


The Radio 1 Roadshow.

But no. So close on occasion, but no.

Instead we might go to a summer theatre show.


I don’t think we saw either of these particular shows, but I do remember Little and Large and Michael Barrymore! Oh yes, top acts!

Yes the family summer holiday is a time where memories are made, ice cream is eaten, sunburn/chilblains itch and squirrels break into your tent and steal your bread.

Happy summer loafers!

Usual disclaimer; all of these pictures have been plucked from the internet at large. If anyone wants credit or removal, let me know. Because god knows old holiday photos are embarassing enough without random strangers putting them in a blog!


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