Bizarre Beasts

So you know how it is, one minute you’re googling around watching kitten videos and suddenly you’re in the weird section of the internet, involving things you never knew existed, like mermaid erotica for instance. Yes that is a thing, and no I didn’t click on it!

And it seems that the ‘weird section’ existed in medieval times too.

Although, to be fair to those olden days  artists they quite probably had never seen an actual elephant or crocodile, but nevertheless some of these pictures are surely the work of a bored monk. Who also enjoyed a bit of mermaid fun….

So to kick off, an elephant. An elephant with no ears but an awesome trunk.


This one looks more like it, in a historically accurate face off with a dragon.
edit-31370-1409181037-6A crocodile? Lizard? It doesn’t look too happy that it doesn’t know what it is.


A hedgehog? A scary, sad hedgehog. And what is that doodle above it? A dog-dolphin?


An owl with a people face. No wonder the other birds are fighting him. I wonder if this is what the artist was supposed to be drawing, or if they thought, ah stuff it, I’ll make it up…


Ok, at least these guys look like cats chasing mice. I do like the mouse that is escaping from the page.


A cat snail. Snail cat?


Then the weirdness starts. A monkey with an arrow up its bum. Yep.


Animal band. Trumpets however are a thing of strangeness…


Because they’re bum trumpets. Obviously.


And not confined to animals…


Because everyone loves a fart ‘n’ poo gag…


Except these people.


And then of course, ye olde internet turns to filth. Because this always happens in the end.


I mean, what??

images (4)





And there we have it. Full circle to mermaid erotica. If that’s your thing. Which apparently it was in medieval times!


Happy Medieval Loafing!


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