Flashback Friday

When Ladyloafer was a little girl, comics were all the rage. Not superheroes like Spiderman or ‘boys’ comics like the Beano, but comics for girls like Tammy, Mandy, Nikki and so on. Over the years they merged with each other before disappearing into nowhere around the turn of the century (that’s 15 years ago!!! How did that happen?)

One short-lived comic was ‘Dreamer’. It lasted about 2 years, then merged with ‘Girl’.

Ladyloafer (who claims to be a minimalist declutter-er, *ahem*) has still got her collection of these comics from back in the day.

I’ve been having a rummage and taken some photos. One day, if I get a scanner I’d love to actually scan the stories and post them, but you can all breathe a sigh of relief, it’s just covers and adverts for now.

But even so, let me take you back through the mists of time, *makes swirly motion with hands*, to the glory days of

Dreamer for girls.

This was issue #2. I never had issue #1.

But could that image be more 80’s if it tried? (from a little girls point of view; rainbows, cool roller boots, flippy hair.)


What’s that? Cut-out fashion special?

You mean this…


I can’t help but wonder if this is where I first found my love of ‘capsule wardrobes’ from? Blimey ‘they’ got me young.


The covers were gorgeous. Some vaguely resembled the characters in the story; this does like a bit like ‘Shari King, Shark Girl’ (her dad ran an aquarium, she bonded with the sharks!)

But this doesn’t like much like Princess Perdita. (stolen by gypsies, princess by birth!)


And this isn’t much like Cassie…


Cassie’s Kids was one of my favourites. You know why? Because I missed the last instalment! Noooooo. *so sad, I’ll never know if her family were reunited*

However this picture looks just like Suzy and Sarah, the tug of love twins. (basically it was the same story as ‘The Parent Trap’)


That’s mainly because this was a photo story with actual models to copy, and the others above were drawn stories.

The comics were generally about half and half this. The drawing artists were the same artists who drew for all the other comics.

But it wasn’t just stories. There was a letters page, and pop star and cute animal posters (Sheena Easton! Bucks Fizz!), and competitions.


Yep, back in the day toys were far more gender neutral. A competition for children. Not boys or girls specifically.

And smoking was bad for you too!


But how cool are these ‘digital’ watches? I so wanted one.


Nearly as much as I wanted this hair slide. In fact I think maybe I did have it…


And loving this look!  Mmm velvet knickerbockers and a ruffle sailor shirt…


And onesies! Banana onesies!

049 100

So many flashbacks going on here. Skating around in a circle to ‘Fame’ at the roller disco, sticker collections, playing ‘40/40’ in the street, not understanding the rude bits in ‘Grease’….

 Ah yes. Heady days indeed loafers. The good old days. Or something.

Photos are mine but the comics, adverts etc are all by IPC magazine. If they even still exist.


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