Old Romantics

So apparently it’s Valentines Day tomorrow. Saint Valentines Day even, although according to wiki St Valentine is barely recognised by the Catholic church as a Saint and most of the legends are medieval made-uppery.

Not that LadyLoafer cares, for I have a heart of stone. Pure granite where all the mushy romance stuff is concerned (she says oh-so bitterly), so lets, erm celebrate with some olde time vintage Valentines cards.

 Nothing say romance more than spouse abuse…val1Especially with lethal weapons….


Or even old-fashioned threats…


Or  just plain scare tactics..


And some traditional misogyny


At least animals know how to romance


Even mushrooms too!


And clocks, and toasters,


Lets have some big cheese with that toast.


Happy Valentines Day Loafers!

Disclaimer: Remember, spouse abuse and threatening behaviour is wrong, Loafers. It’s just not funny.

Also, as usual none of these pics are mine. Some came from Buzzfeed, some from Pinterest, some are just wafting around the internets.


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