Retro Food

It’s that time of year when Ladyloafer thinks about dieting. Actually Ladyloafer thinks about dieting most of the time, but then reaches for a biscuit.

So how about some mid-century (that’ll be last century) classics to get us through the winter? Be warned, there’s a lot of gelatine involved.

We’ll start with the basics; lime jelly with a filling of cottage cheese, mayonnaise and grated onion. Serve with seafood salad. mmmm…..


Then we’ll move on to Tuna and Jelly pie. Yes jelly pie, but not in a good dessert way. Oh no, this pie has a cheese crust with a tomato-lemon gelatine centre and a tuna salad top.


 In fact I reckon savoury jelly is the key to a good diet. It’ll put you off eating for days.


Yep jelly for salads. Hell, why not jelly for everything, hmm?


Even baked beans. I have one question?




I think I need a bit of stodge now. Maybe some potato salad? Salad you can slice, yeah?

Although I do like the pretty veg ‘flowers’. Very creative. Possibly to distract you from the wierdness of your ‘salad loaf’?


Maybe some fish now? A prawn tree! That’s what’s missing from my dinner table!


Or a hotdog, pineapple, stew thing. I have no idea. Nor do I really want to tbh.


Now for a snack, beverage, light meal. Or all three in one glass.


It really is too much. I don’t think I can handle this diet. I need cake, doughnuts maybe? But not any old doughnuts. Vitamin doughnuts. This means they’re good for you, right? Excellent.


Happy dieting Loafers!

Sources for this pics are various and as usual not properly linked. I know Buzzfeed was involved and None of these pictures are mine, etc etc.


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