Back in the day LadyLoafer used to keep scrapbooks. Funny pictures from newspapers, interesting articles from magazines, postcards, comic strips; whatever took my fancy.

They’ve long gone now, offered up to the declutter and recycling gods, and I don’t miss them.

But it turns out I still do keep a scrapbook, on my computer. And it’s getting a bit cluttered. It’s not the volume, because unlike actual physical books, it makes no difference whether I have one picture or 1000 on the computer. However, it’s got to a point where I can’t find anything when I want it and its time for a Clear Out.

Some stuff is migrating to LadyLoafer’s Pinterest board, but most will just be deleted. There really is only so many cat pictures, amusing eecards and cute cartoons one person needs.

So before they are lost to the ether I present here a random selection of Pictures From My Files.

NONE of them are my pictures, and some I copy’n’pasted so long ago I’ve no chance of finding out who to credit. If anyone sees one of their pics and wants it removed or credited, please let me know.

Otherwise please enjoy the tedious inner working of LadyLoafers mind.

636x460design_01636x460design_01 (4) 640x693xhilda13.jpg.pagespeed.ic.C9DjFdMmVQ squarepengiunclive_thumbbigbumblecopter alternate_currencyecard21289492819146_6965956DTMenhanced-buzz-wide-28836-1401874113-13broken-pot-fairy-garden-6enhanced-10350-1393975770-18 nothing     tower.jpg2nevermoneypeasanttumblr_lzxu8gG9KI1r7dopwo1_400fairyroom_flower-fairy  images (5) cat-thief-funny-animal-pictures-33__6052_week-old_Female_Sphynx_(Suki)japanese-food-art-32__605japanese-food-art-82__605large    nature-reclaiming-abandoned-places-18 snail-macros-1   tumblr_mqgm107izH1qewacoo1_r1_500  042    monty    zoo21_1548700i


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